What we do
Based on our yearly contract, our continuous presence in the salines & our good relation with people in charge, which facilitates :

1. At the start of the new harvest:
    1/1 We select the raw salt suitable for us to be stored in separate piles.
    1/2 Survey washing process as well as crushing processes.

2. Shipment procedures:
    2/1 Washing trucks and loaders before start loading.
    2/2 Survey loading trucks at the salines heading to the port.
    2/3 Selection of foreign matters before and during loading trucks.
    2/4 Second selection of foreign matters at the port storage area.

3. Loading procedures:
    3/1 Inspection of vessel holds to be clean, odorless and free from residuals of
          previous cargo.
    3/2 Initial draft survey by an Independent Marine Surveyor nominated for our
          account together with the producer’s surveyor and chief officer of the vessel.
    3/3 Cleaning the belt conveyors used for loading.
    3/4 Selecting foreign materials from the salt after being loaded in the holds.
    3/5 Final draft survey. Thus, conducting double draft survey.

Above steps are helping us meeting more than 90% of our clients’ requirements.
Alex Trade staff continuously exerts their utmost efforts to increase this percentage.
Shipping Alex Trade
Shipping Alex Trade